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How Does It Works

We have a wide range of security cameras which can allow you to keep everything in check, especially when it comes to your security.


We have some of the best cameras which can help ensure that your house is secured from the beginning.

IP Cameras

To help ensure that the cameras give you the live updates while making sure you are aware of your surroundings.


We can make sure that your security cameras have all the necessary requires for it to function more efficiently.

Wireless Sensors

Xanboo offers a wide range of battery operated, wireless sensors for the most common applications.



Why Xanboo?

We have the widest range of security cameras and equipments which can help provide the much needed security that you have been looking for your house.

Device Control

Control Lighting & Appliances

Turn devices on or off from anywhere! Program your lights to turn on or off per your schedule or when a sensor triggers! Can be placed virtually anywhere inside or outside your home or business. Ideal for outdoor applications that require nightvision.

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A stable connection for the safety of you home.

No-Touch Installation

To help ensure that your house is safe no matter what the situation.

Patented Technology

We keep up with the technological update to make sure that you feel safe.

Multiple Devices

Want to keep yourself and your family update about any threat that may come.

Latest Updates

The Best Home Security Systems of 2019

Home Security

Security is a matter of concern that should not be taken lightly. Being safe and secure is one of the ideal things that people need to ensure in this day and time. The same logic applies to our homes, as we need to protect it all costs. Thanks to technology, we can now complete that activity, as manufacturers have come up with innovative security systems that are hard to beat. So, if you are planning on going on a vacation or trip, then here are some security systems that you need to install before you leave the house.


SimpliSafe Security

The market has witnessed some drastic changes, as manufacturers face hard competition from all corners. The one brand that has come on top of that competition has to be SimpliSafe. It is the best in the market if you are looking for one where you do not require a contact. Easy and quick installation, low monthly rates, cellular alerts, wireless equipment are some of its top features. Hence, it can be classified as an ideal investment.


ADT Home Security Systems

ADT has been around for quite some time, and they know the craft more than anyone else. Their products carry a sense of guarantee and quality that are unmatched. They achieved milestones in terms of customer satisfaction, thanks to 140 years of experience. Their features include wireless or hardwired, indoor cameras, home automation, competitive monthly rates among a few others.


Vivint Smart Home

Vivint is another company that has a name of value among a lot of satisfied customers. Their unique sense of technology and automation options are the company’s main USPs. Sleek Contemporary Equipment, indoor and outdoor video cameras, environmental disaster protection, easy installation and lifetime warranty are some of its top features. But on the other side, above average monthly cost, long term contract and pro installation are some of its cons.

Ring Alarm

The availability of options is one of the ideal reasons why people prefer Ring Alarm. Their monitoring plans include ones that are free and extremely low monthly fees. Along with easy installation and the neighbors app, things take the right turn. But at times, their customers also seem to be disappointed with requirements such as upfront payment.


Abode Security

Adobe is another top rated security system that does not require contracts. CUE home automation platform is what separates them from the rest. Apart from that Z-Wave compatibility, 24/7 professional monitoring, extensive possibilities for home automation and 30-day return policy are some of their noteworthy features. But the factor of price may act as a spoilsport in this regard, as people do not really enjoy that part. Hence, if you are looking for the ideal security system, then look no further than this list.

How to Effectively Secure Your Garage Door from Intruders

Your garage door is one of the weakest points of entry for your home, and therefore is a prime target for intruders. Thieves commit crimes of opportunity and so they, like all predators, look for the weakest point to attack. That is why it is so important to have garage door security. If you keep your garage door safe then you greatly increase the safety of your home. Here are some tips to help you effectively secure your garage door from intruders.


  1. Always Remember to Close the Garage Door


The first line of defense in securing your garage door is simply to remember to keep it closed. This can be harder to do than you might think since it is easy to forget and leave the door open, especially if you get distracted by other things. Since the garage houses tools, bicycles, and our cars, leaving the door open is sure to attract intruders and give them an incentive to come in. Don’t make that mistake. If you have a habit of forgetting to close the garage door you could set up an automated timer that closes the garage door on its own at a predetermined time. That way you don’ have to worry about it as much and you can sleep easy knowing that you haven’t forgotten to close the garage door.


  1. Cover the Garage Door Windows


If your garage door has windows then it is imperative that you cover them with a frosted film or perhaps with curtains. You could even use cardboard but this is a slightly unattractive option. If you don’t want to spend money on frosted film then this may work for you, though. This will prevent thieves from seeing inside your garage and giving them the desire to steal what you have. Any way that you can reduce visibility to intruders helps prevent break-ins and keeps you safer.


  1. Don’t Keep the Garage Door Remote in Your Car


Having the garage door remote stolen is a sure way to give an intruder access to your home. Leaving the remote in your car attracts thieves who would want to steal it in order to gain easy access to your home. Instead, try buying a key fob remote that you can keep with you at all times. They can be purchased inexpensively at major hardware stores and online. This lessens the likelihood that a potential intruder would get hold of your remote, and does not provide a tempting target for them to steal from your car.


  1. Keep a Radio On at Low Volume


When you are away from home, one old trick to make someone think you are there is to leave a radio playing in the background of your garage. While this may seem silly, you would be surprised at how many burglaries have been prevented by it. If you give the illusion that you are home, then thieves, who are opportunistic by nature, will probably pass up your house and go on to an easier target.


  1. Install Motion Detecting Lights


One of the best ways to improve garage door security is to install motion detecting lights. Crimes are committed at night for a reason. Criminals don’t want to be seen. If you install motion sensitive lights then whenever an intruder comes up to the garage door they will be flooded with light and this will probably scare them away since they don’t want to be detected. The cost for doing this may seem like it isn’t worth it, but in the long run it is not that expensive and it is worth the value of your home and possibly your life if you prevent even one break-in by installing them.


  1. Securely Tie the Emergency Garage Door Release


While it may not be present on every model, most garage doors come equipped with an emergency release to help you leave the garage in case of fire or other emergency if the door is locked. This latch is found on the inside of the garage door. Unfortunately, it is possible for thieves to trigger this latch from the outside using a wire, so the best course of action is to securely tie it using a rope or some zip ties. This will prevent any intruders from being able to trigger the release from outside your door but still allow you to trigger the release from inside the door by untying the rope or breaking the zip ties.


  1. Install a Camera With Adequate Lighting in Your Garage


Having someone actually break into your garage is a nightmare scenario. What exactly do you do if it happens? Well first, you need to be sure that there are actually intruders in your garage in order for you to call the authorities. This is where a camera and light sensors come into play. If you have a camera installed in the garage then you can see what is going on and record it for later evidence. But you need to make sure you have the light sensors as well since most break-ins occur at night and it will be dark in the garage. Once you see what is going on through a peephole or an app on your phone then you can make a decision as to what to do next.


Keeping your garage door safe from intruders is an important task, and well worth your time, planning, and even some expense to get done right. The last thing you want is to have intruders in your home from faulty security. But if you remember to never leave the door open, cover the windows, keep the remote outside your car, keep the radio on, install motion detecting lights, secure the emergency release, and install a camera with adequate lighting then you will be well on your way to keeping your home safe from intruders.


Top 5 Most Popular Security Systems for Your Home

No matter in which corner of the world you live, it is always important to ensure complete security for your residential and commercial properties. With the increasing cases of intruder attacks, the home security systems have become prime need of the homeowners. When you want to ensure safe and happy living conditions for your family, it is good to find the most reliable security system for your premises.

The market is loaded with wide range of home security systems; beginners often find it confusing to choose the best one for their premises. If you are also worried about your purchase decision; here we have prepared a list of top 5 most popular security systems for your home. Go through the details below and soon you will be able to make efficient decision about purchase:

  1. Amazon Echo:

This product has maintained top rank from the past several months and is still one of the most loved home security system all over the world. If you live in the Houston area, we advise you to invest in Amazon Echo to enjoy complete safety in the premises. You will be happy to hear that Amazon Echo is better looking and less expansive as compared to the previous version on Echo. It is rated high for its best and most reliable voice assistant ecosystem.

  1. Arlo Ultra:

Arlo Ultra is known as the first outdoor security camera with incredible features to ensure complete safety for your home. It is capable enough to record videos and streams in stunning 4K mode. Although you may find it a little expensive, people love to invest in this security system due to its amazing features such as intelligent motion detection, auto zooming, motion tracking, and color night vision. You will be happy to hear that it is weatherproof and can communicate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Support and Apple Watch.

  1. ADT Pulse:

ADT Pulse is rated as a full-service home security system with solid app integration. It provides instant updates about what is happening in your premises so that you can ensure complete safety of your family and belongings all the time. The excellent web and mobile apps make it more suitable to your growing safety needs. The best thing to know about ADT Pulse is that it offers support to many third-party devices.

  1. RemoBell S:

RemoBell S is a feature-rich and affordable video doorbell that comes with free cloud storage and motion detection abilities. It also extends support to Google Voice commands and Alexa as well. Users can also enjoy easy interoperability to many other smart devices using IFTTT. Other than this, it has two-way audio system and sharp HD video capabilities. You can also enjoy easy installation services.

  1. LifeShield Smart Home Security kit:

Last but not the least security system in the list is LifeShield Smart Home Security Kit. It works perfectly with Alexa voice commands, Z-Wave devices, and IFTTT based connections. People love it more for its smart monitoring abilities and a tablel controller. With this, you can secure your home professionally.




What You Should Consider When Choosing A Residential Locksmith

Residential locksmiths have been trained to offer you certain services like; lock replacement, lock installation, and also the installation of advanced security systems for your home. While these residential locksmiths are capable of offering these services to you, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration when hiring their services. These factors will ensure that you hire one that is capable of replacing or installing new locks in a safe and efficient manner. Some of these factors to take into consideration include but are definitely not limited to these;

  1. Experience Level

This is one of the main things to look out for when hiring the services of a residential locksmith. Like other skilled jobs, these residential locksmiths that have spent years in the industry would have worked on almost every lock type available in the market. With this experience and knowledge of the industry, they are capable of installing and replacing your locks in an efficient manner. Only an experienced residential locksmith will be able to offer a candid solution to certain rare lock-out situations you may experience. The number of years they have spent in the industry should be one of the main things to consider when hiring the services of a residential locksmith.

  1. They Make Use Of Cutting Edge Tools

Residential locksmiths that are old fashioned would not be able to work on modern and advanced door locks. Because of the lack of certain advanced tools to handle this job, they may end up spoiling or even causing further damage to your locks. It is advised that you take into consideration the type of tools used by the residential locksmith before hiring one. Those with more advanced tools will be able to attend to your lock-out situations as fast and as efficient as possible.

  1. Cost

This is another important thing to consider when hiring the services of a residential locksmith such as King Safe and Lock. It is advised that you opt for a locksmith that is capable of offering you installation and repair services at an affordable price. This is to ensure that you do not spend more than it is necessary. Before hiring one, it is best that you compare their price range. You do not have to break a bank to replace or install new locks in your home.

  1. Good Reputation

It is advised that you hire a locksmith that has a good reputation. Residential locksmiths with a tainted reputation will not offer you the best services. You also need to question some of the other customers that have used their services. This will ensure that you do not end up hiring one that is not capable of handling the job.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

An experienced and professional residential locksmith should be able to offer you excellent customer service. They should be always available to attend to you irrespective of the time and location. In addition, they should have a team of well-trained and professional customer service personnel.