6 Ways to Secure Drinking Water in Emergency Situations

In the human world, there are situations when there is lack of water supply just like in a hurricane, flood or water pipe breakage. In these situations where you need to have adequate water supply, you also need to have ways by which you can treat water to make it drinkable and easily usable.

If you are drinking water and you think it is free from organisms, you can be wrong because there can be organisms that can shed diseases that can make people sick.

There can be a number of ways by which you can purify this water like bottled water, boiled water or disinfected water until you get a regular supply of water.

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The water that you are trying to use may contain fluoride, arsenic that occur naturally in the groundwater. Other ways by which these pollutants can occur in the water include activities like environmental pollution, more use of fertilizers in areas from where you catch water.

The water purification methods depend on what are you trying to purify – is it the smell, color, or chemical pollution in water.

Ways to secure drinking water

Let us now have a look at various ways by which you can secure drinking water in emergency situations :-


A simplest and easiest way to purify the contaminated water is by boiling the water. This way you will get purified water that is free from viruses bacteria.

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It is said that as the temperature gets high, the viruses that are killed gets higher.

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Another method that you can use to filter the water in emergency situations is to pass the water through a bed of sand and gravel.

As the water that comes into your house filters through sand, the particles that are remaining of suspended matter are trapped in the sand bed.


This is a powder that sticks to the pollutants and the dirt that is present in the water.

This makes the dirt that is present in the water to be separated from the water and sink.

Chemical disinfection: Chlorination, iodine and bleaching

One more wat to secure water in emergency situations is to buy tablets that contain chlorine, iodine, or other disinfecting agents.

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You can also buy these tablets from a store that is available online or at other pharmacies.

Iodine tablets

Instead of iodine, you can buy iodine tablets to purify the water so that your water becomes suitable for drinking and several other purposes.


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In case you are unable to purify the water using boiling, you can use regular unscented chlorine bleach products so that it can be suitable for disinfection and sanitation.

Instructions for using bleach to clean water:

First you need to find out a clean dropper from your medicine box that you have maintained.

Then, you need to find a liquid chlorine bleach that is stored at room temperature for less than one year.

Now for each gallon of water take six drops of bleach.

Now it’s time to stir and let it stand for 30 minutes. Now, the water will be having a slight chlorine odor.

In case the taste of the chlorine is too strong, you need to pour the water that is present in one container to the other container and then let it stand for some time before its available to use.


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