About Us


Xanboo provides an end-to-end technology solution that enables access and control of any enabled device or appliance locally via a TV or PC, and remotely over the Internet. Using our technology to connect from remote locations to a gateway in the home, Xanboo enables users to control, command and monitor devices from anywhere in the world using a standard web interface.

Xanboo’s technology is market agnostic in that it provides a solution to full rangeof partners wishing to deliver services which are based on video monitoring, device control, notification or data transmission, to any location with Internet access.

Using its published Xanboo Software Development Kit (SDK), together with the Xanboo platform under license, our partners can provide a wide range of previously unavailable revenue generating services to their customers using their own branded websites. These services, customized to each partner’s particular requirements, are being used in markets ranging from security and energy management to home healthcare.

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