Cut Your Electric Bill and Keep an Eye on Your Home

The AT&T Remote Monitoring System manufactured by Xanboo is not a home security system. But it can help you keep an eye on what’s going on at home.

“It lets you view live video, control lights, monitor doors and windows, check on your home’s temperature remotely,” explained Kevin Jurrens, a spokesperson for Xanboo. “All from you cell phone or from a broadband enabled PC.”

“You can fire up your Cingular wireless phone or PDA,” Jurrens continued, “and know at say 3 o’clock you’ll get a text message that your son or daughter is home from school. You know you just have that peace of mind.”

The system uses power line modules to transmit the live video over existing power lines, which eliminates the need for wires. A starter kit is available for around 100 dollars. Learn more by going to

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