How Thieves Can Disable the Burglar Alarm System

We, as a human being are spending most of our time on analyzing the dangers to the toaster, fridge, etc. On the other hand, a significant threat lies on highly important devices to us: burglar alarms.

Not able to understand…

…Let me explain.

According to some researchers, home security alarms of reputed companies can be quickly suppressed. One can also render false alarms which makes the home security alarm thing unreliable.

Now, this is one of the most serious disadvantages of the improving technology.

False alarms can be set from a distance of 250 yards. But disabling the alarm can be done only if you are at a distance of 10 feet from home.

Design of the Security Alarms:

Usually, every security alarm contains one or more sensors so that it can detect strangers entering through the entryways. Apart from that the security alarm also includes a device so that they can detect the intrusion.

Let us now have a look at the various components of the security alarm system.

  1. Premise Control Unit, Alarm Control Panel:

This area also known as a panel is used to read sensor inputs, unwanted intrusion signals, etc. Typically the panel consists of several computer circuit boards that are enclosed in metal. The panel is also connected to a power supply.

  1. Sensors:

Next device that are present in the security alarms Is intrusions. Usually, sensors are placed at windows and doors. They get activated in the case when the door gets opened, or the window gets opened.

The sensors can also check the unoccupied space for motion, vibration sound, etc.

  1. Alerting devices:

These are the devices that contain bells, sirens, and flashing lights. In case, an intrusion is detected, it issues a warning signal to the occupants.

Now, these alerting devices can be used to alert in severe cases like fir or smoke too.

  1. Security devices:

These are used to prevent suspicious entry. Now here’s one important point that I need to make:

In the case of home security systems, alarms come with monitoring service. If intrusion occurs and sensors issue a signal to the monitoring station then the person sitting at the monitoring station sees the signal and after that take certain action which can be contacting the hosue owner or contacting police etc.

Suppressing the Burglar Alarm Simplified

security of your home

Well according to Logan Lamb, its very easy to suppress the burglar alarm. A burglar just need to walk till the front door, deactivate the alarm, open the door and after that do whatever he/she needs.

This way the burglar can perform the burglary without even hinting someone that even a person has entered the house or not.

Logan Lamb analyzed the top three home alarm based companies which were Vivint, ADT and one another company who decided its name to remain behind the curtains. They all supply the equipment to more than 4000 distributors.

Apart from this, Silvio Cesare also analyzed lots of home alarm systems that includes home alarm systems by Swann that sells home alarm systems in the United States.

To everyone’s surprise, these two people found the similar problems with the home alarm systems.

They found that the entryways of the house which are doors and windows depend on the radio frequency signals that are passed from the door and window sensors to a control system that alerts an alarm in case some trespasser tries to enter through either of the entryways.

In case someone tries to enter through the tagged door or window, a signal gets deployed.

Now as soon as the signal gets deployed, the home security system trips the alarm and a silent alert is sent to the home security system company. This company can now contact the house owners, the police or other concerned authorities.

But hold on there was a major fault in the home security system.

The fault was that the encryption process was not perfect, hence it was easier to decrypt the data and game the system.

Lamb also tells that the home security systems are now also using the same wireless communications that used to exist in the 90s for the security purposes.

Another major issue that is present in the Home security systems is that the signals sent from sensors to the control panel can be easily jammed by sending radio noise to prevent the signal flow. This in turns stops the alarm from tipping which makes the home alarm system easy to game.

Now its not that every alarm system is going to face this problem of jamming the signals. There are several alarm systems in the market that has taken necessary steps to stop any person from creating obstructions in the path of the signals.

What they do is…

They issue an alarming request to both the company and the occupant. But here also alarm systems can be tricked.

Certain techniques exist that are used to prevent these countermeasures too.

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