Make Printed Clothes for Your Children at Home

Children just love fancy T-Shirts. They want to have several designs on their T-Shirts and you can perform that with the help of printing designs on clothes for your children at home.

In my early stages of designing a T-Shirt, I decided to design an attractive T-Short by myself at my home by drawing designs through stencils.

This process was highly time consuming.

After some time, I decided to adopt a process of screen printing. It all started at my home by the process of trial and error.

After some years, I gained the knowledge of how the fancy T-Shirts are made. You need heat setting machines, photo emulsion stencil-making methods and much more so that you can print your T-Shirts at Home.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn about how you can screen print your T-Shirts at home with the help of a squeegee, some ink, paper, craft knife, a screen.

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In addition, if you want to know more about generating designs for your T-Shirts then you can use stencils.

Prerequisites for Fancy T-Shirt

Let us now have a look at the requirements of designer T-Shirts.

Screen Printing Fabric Ink

You require a screen printing ink so that you can draw designs with the help of this ink.

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One thing that you need to note here is to make sure that the design in washable.


For printing custom designs on the shirts, you also need a screen which you can buy from ready-made or you can stretch the mesh over the frame.


A Squeegee can be bought from a store that sells screen print supplies.

Other Accessories

Other things that you might include plain paper, craft knife, roll of masking tape, basic cotton jersey T-Shirt.

How to Form Design on T-Shirt

  1. First you need to come up with a design that you need to form on your cloth. You can do this with the help of paper with a craft knife.

You need to cut diamonds, squares, circles and place them randomly so that they can be very effective.

  1. Now you need to mask off around the edges of the underside with the help of stencil paper that you have brought.
  2. Now its time to lay the t-shirt and the paper stencil at your desired design position.

You need to place your screen on the top and at the same time also ensure that you don’t move the paper while the screen is centered over it.

Now you need to draw a tablespoon of ink at the top edge of your screen.

After that you need to press it down with one hand. Pull the squeegee above the ink, exert some pressure, pull it down the screen and take the ink with it. That’s it.

  1. You will notice that the stencil stacks are built across the ink and your desired design is made on the cloth.


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