Xanboo provides an end-to-end technology platform that enables access and control of devices locally via a TV or PC, and remotely over the Internet via a mobile phone or PC.

Using Xanboo patented technology to connect from remote locations to a gateway in the home, users control and monitor devices from anywhere in the world via a standard web interface.

Xanboo's technology is market agnostic and provides a platform to a wide range of partners wishing to deliver services based upon video monitoring, device control, notification or data transmission, to any location with Internet access.

Using the Xanboo Software Development Kit (the SDK), partners can provide a wide range of previously unavailable revenue generating services to their customers under their own brand. These services, customized to each partner's particular requirements, are being used in markets ranging from security and energy management to home healthcare.
Whether it's simply logging on from
a remote location using your cell
phone, or receiving critical alerts
from devices in your home or
business, you know that with
Xanboo you have an industrial
strength platform that will operate
with the rock solid consistency you expect from a best-of-breed product.
The Xanboo platform is truly plug & play. There are no device or network configurations, router or port forwarding issues for you or your customers to deal with. Thus, it is not required to deliver systems in a pre- configured state, which means that packaging can be standardized and you can add more devices at any time by simply employing Xanboo's patented single button discovery installation technique.
Zwave, Insteon, Zigbee, Security Panels - the Xanboo system is designed for seamless operation with most of the protocols and security panels in popular use today, so you know you will always be able to chose the most appropriate and cost effective solution available.
Much of today's popular technology architecture for remote monitoring over the Internet was originally pioneered by Xanboo in the late 1990's and is described in the 8 patents that have been issued to Xanboo.