• The robust Xanboo solution allows for up to 10 Cameras to
    be connected to your system, which can be placed virtually
    anywhere, inside or outside of your home or business.
    Your cameras can be mounted indoors, outdoors, or a
    combination of the two, using simple connections and
    optional add-on accessories.
  • These cameras can consist of ANY wired or wireless WiFi
    Xanboo IP Surveillance or 3rd Party Analog CCTV Cameras.
    Access, control, and remotely view live streaming and
    recorded video from these cameras via any internet-enabled
    PC or mobile phone anywhere, anytime.
  • Please find simple setup diagrams available by clicking
    on the buttons to the right. Additional information
    and specifications on the large selection of available IP and
    Analog CCTV cameras currently offered by our professional
    dealers/installers can be found below.
See below for more info on a variety of remotely accessible cameras available for use with your system: IP Cameras
Plug-n-play network Surveillance IP Cameras
can plug directly into your router or through
your powerlines via PLC Ethernet Adapters
using Cat-5 Ethernet Cable.
WIFI IP Cameras
WIFI IP Cameras connect wirelessly to the
Controller greatly reducing set-up time by eliminating the need for cables or PLC
module and allowing for easier placement
almost anywhere.
Analog CCTV Cameras
Analog CCD Surveillance Cameras are ideal
for applications that require nightvision
or mounting outdoors via Coaxial/BNC
Connector or for locations with pre-existing
analog cameras
  • Easily toggle between multiple cameras
    in one camera view
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (when available)
  • Save up to 5 specific viewing angles for
    easy panning around a room
  • Manually record video clip or take snapshot
  • Select specific motion detection trigger
    zones within camera Image
  • Adjust motion detection sensitivity
  • Access easily organized time-stamped
    video clips and snapshots via your archives
The system has a very flexible motion detection capability that allows you
to define and set sensitivity for up to 4 specific custom detection areas
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