• Become more energy efficient with
    access to detailed information about
    your home/business' energy usage, and
    lower your monthly bills
  • Monitored Devices can provide you
    with real-time current and historical
    usage which you can compare with
    others in your zipcode
  • Control smart-energy devices like
    our wireless thermostat remotely and
    compare which appliances are using
    the most energy
  • Xanboo is currently partnering with
    utilities to connect consumers to
    the Smart Grid's Smart Metering
    Infrastructure, which will allow
    them to make informed
    decisions to better
    manage energy
    consumption and
    save money
Real-time control
of your lights
and appliances
from anywhere
Receive instant
and alerts from
enabled devices
Research shows
users saving up to
20% in monthly
energy expenses
  • Energy Star® Qualified Thermostat
    lets you monitor and control AC and
    heating from anywhere in the world via
    Mobile Phone or PC
  • Create and modify schedules locally
    and remotely
  • Can be placed virtually anywhere
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subscribing to our service
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