• Know when someone gets up from bed,
    or if they failed to get up by a
    pre-determined time
  • Be aware if someone is waking up
    often during the night and going to
    the bathroom
  • Has someone gone into the bathroom,
    and not come out for a long period...
    a potential slip & fall?
  • Are they moving around, or
    just staying in one place
  • Have they eaten today?
  • Water sensors to notify
    if a bathtub or toilet
    is overflowing
  • Temperature sensor
    to ensure the heat or
    AC is set correctly
  • Door contact sensors
    let you know when a
    door has been opened
    ensuring that there's
    no wandering or if
    someone has arrived
User sets
tracks and
records data
from around
the home
View detailed
activity logs
to update
  • Increased freedom to go about their
    own daily lives
  • Remote monitoring ensures instant
    notification of triggered events.
    They can then take the
    appropriate action (call a
    neighbor, go home, view
    video, etc.)
  • Helps loved ones retain
    their independence by
    staying in their homes
    longer ("age in place")
  • High cost savings versus
    assisted living
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