New Xanboo Client Software Version 1.02 Allows For Complete Command and Control of X-10 Devices over the Internet Through Xanboo.com

NEW YORK, NY., – May 28, 2002 – Xanboo, Inc. has announced that its latest software release will incorporate a bridge to the popular consumer home networking devices developed and manufactured by California based company X-10. Such devices include lighting controls, power on/off controls, dimmers, and more. The Xanboo software release incorporates its proprietary Internet-based remote access and control technology to X-10 without adding cost or firmware to the actual device.

Remote access

“X-10 is a proven powerline based technology that has been on the market place since the concept of home networking and automation originated,” said Bob Diamond, CEO at Xanboo. “They have obtained significant market share over the years and thousands of consumers take advantage of their wide array of low cost devices. With Xanboo’s remote access software working on top of an X-10 network, we are adding value to the device by allowing that consumer to access and control his or her devices from anywhere in the world over the Internet.”

“The bridge to X-10’s powerline based devices is simply the beginning,” added Diamond. “As a technology, Xanboo is agnostic of wireless protocol and plans to bridge to other technologies in the future including HPNA, HomePlug, 802.11b, and Bluetooth. All of these technologies are concerned with command and control within the home. By giving a consumer or business access and control of these devices outside of the home, Xanboo is enhancing the value of the network and the broadband connection by linking these devices to the consumer wherever he may be in the world.”

About the Xanboo Internet Home Management System 


The Xanboo Internet Home Management System allows individuals to remotely view and control their homes or small business from anywhere, anytime, via the Internet – providing numerous services such as Home Monitoring and Security, Energy Management, Appliance Control and Diagnostics and Home Automation. Xanboo’s client software can be loaded onto any standard PC or compatible residential gateway. Users access their system through a secure, password protected account on the Xanboo Web site (www.xanboo.com), an affiliate Xanboo partner site or via a WAP enabled cellular phone or handheld device.

Xanboo will continue to advance its Internet device protocol by publishing the Xanboo Development Kit (XDK) outlining development specifications and reference designs for third party device manufacturers to Internet-enable virtually any device to allow it to be remotely accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world. Customized service models and information gathering business metrics will be designed by Xanboo to coincide with compatible devices.

About Xanboo:

Xanboo is headquartered in New York City where its executive management team leads all aspects of its end-to-end device, gateway, and server-side software development and hardware design and engineering. For more information, please contact Mike Noble, Director of Business Development at 646.674.3011 or mnoble@xanboo.com.

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