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Xanboo’s Home Monitoring Solution now fully accessible via cell phones with Internet access.

New York, NY January 12, 2006 – Xanboo, Inc., a technology platform provider of Internet based remote access applications and services, announced today that its system can now be accessed and controlled from cell phones with Internet access. These applications include home monitoring and security, energy management, and remote healthcare.

Previously, in order to view their home remotely, users needed to log onto the web via a PC at work or while traveling, log onto the Xanboo or partner web site and then click to view live video or control devices. Now, by pressing a single button on a cell phone a user can view live streaming video of their home. In addition, they can change the temperature, turn lights on and off, and be notified of changing events in their home real time.

“By adding this functionality”, said Xanboo President Bill Diamond, “we’ve brought the application from being a somewhat ‘geeky’ solution with a limited market to one that is ‘wickedly cool’ and is definitely one that offers mass market potential. Imagine, a couple can be sitting in a restaurant and with one touch of a button be viewing live video of the new babysitter!” The cell phone application works with any Java or Windows phone and supports all of the Xanboo manufactured devices, as well as certain IP cameras from Panasonic.

About Xanboo

Xanboo is the first Smart Home and Business Management System with real-time device access and control that enables users to control and monitor their homes or businesses from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Including its primary deployments over broadband with ISPs, Xanboo is vertically focused as well in the energy, healthcare, security and small business markets. Xanboo Inc. designs and engineers all hardware and software, including video cameras, sensors, and control devices. Xanboo also allows its technology to be integrated into existing third-party hardware devices in order to make them remotely accessible via the Internet. Xanboo is headquartered in New York City. Its investors include Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), Globespan Virata (Nasdaq: GSPN), Itochu, Suez Industrie and SG Cowen and Lantronix, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX).

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