Xanboo Announces Partnership with Paradox Marine

New York – It was announced yesterday, that Paradox Marine had signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Xanboo for the global marine market.

According to Jay Keenan Paradox Marine’s VP of Sales & Marketing, “Paradox Marine has been on the cutting edge of marine based security, monitoring & tracking systems for several years now, and is excited about expanding into the video surveillance marketplace. We feel that integrating Xanboo’s technology to our extremely popular Marine Magellan security platform is the right way to move forward into the future.”

Paradox Marine

The Marine WatchMate System enables yacht owners and captains to view live video of their vessel from anywhere. The system also alerts users of motion, temperature, water leaks, alarms, and also, yacht owners can even control temperature and lights on their boats. Founded in 1999, Xanboo was an early pioneer in the development of remote access to video, as well as sensing and control devices over the Internet.

Xanboo holds some patents on currently employed technology related to the gateway as a service broker, automatic registration of devices, and communication with wireless devices. A complete listing of these patents can be found at Xanboo’s website. Xanboo is a privately held company. Its investors include Motorola and AT&T.

Paradox first introduced the Marine Magellan to the marine marketplace in 2005; it was the first two-way voice, completely wireless security and monitoring system to utilize proven technology applied specifically to marine applications. Marine Magellan has 32 zone monitoring and the ability to remotely monitor such things as high water, low battery voltage, loss of shore power, smoke & intrusion, all with voice reporting. It can also control several AC and DC vessel functions remotely through cellular or satellite communication.

Paradox Security Systems has been offering personalized service and innovative technology for over 18 years. They are a multinational company established in Montreal, Canada with a 170,000 square foot facility and employ over 400 people. Paradox units are manufactured in Canada and sold in more than 108 countries around the globe. Each Marine Magellan unit is individually tested under stringent guidelines and carries a 1-year factory warranty.

For More Information Contact:
Jay Keenan
VP of Sales & Marketing
Paradox Marine U.S.A. Headquarters
3403 NW 9th Ave Suite 804
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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