Xanboo Announces Release of Next Generation Security Platform

Xanboo, Inc today announced a new line of interface modules for connecting its Remote Monitor system to many of the popular panels currently available from major security equipment suppliers.

The initial offering will consist of interface modules for bridging the Xanboo system to select security panels from Honeywell and GE.

Once the Xanboo Remote Monitor System is bridged to the security panel, in addition to users continuing to receive the traditional services of their existing security systems, they will also be able to use their cell phones and PCs to access their premises and view live video, receive alerts from sensors and control lighting, from anywhere, over the Internet. The operation of the Xanboo system requires broadband service as well as the installation of Xanboo hardware at the premises.

Next Generation Security Platform

The Xanboo Remote Monitor System is fully described at its website www.xanboo.com.

Bill Diamond, Xanboo president, said “We spent eight years developing and refining our technology platform. With thousands of systems now in the field, there are enough subscribers to convince us that this is a valuable service for which users will pay. Based upon the field proven level of reliability achieved, we believe it is time to begin offering additional useful features, such as these panel interface modules which will begin shipping early next year.”

Diamond continued “As a preview to other new products that will soon be available, I should mention that we will begin shipping our DVR in early December, and we will soon have systems that use wireless for Internet access. These new services and products should prove to be important sources of recurring revenue for dealers. The cost to end users for Xanboo service ranges from about $10 per month to $29 per month and is shared by Xanboo with the security dealer that installs the system. A great deal of effort has gone into making the system easy for the security dealer to install, without the need to handle the customer1s router or other computer equipment.”

Founded in 1999, Xanboo was an early pioneer in the development of remote access to video, as well as sensing and control devices over the Internet. Xanboo holds some patents on currently employed technology related to the gateway as a service broker, automatic registration of devices, and communication with wireless devices. A complete listing of these patents can be found at Xanboo’s website. Xanboo is a privately held company. Its investors include Motorola and AT&T.

For further information, or to learn more about Xanboo’s dealer program, please contact Bill Diamond at bdiamond@xanboo.com.

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